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Fieldturf can be installed as a Do-It-Yourself project, however, it is recommended that shaped or intricate installations be installed professionally to ensure optimal product performance.

  • Fieldturf artificial turf must be installed by a professional installer in accordance with the code of practice for the installation of textile floor coverings, where applicable.
  • Infill quantities are critical to product performance.
  • Care must be taken during installation with regards to reflective surfaces (excessive concentrated heat)
  • Nouwens Carpets accepts no responsibility for damage to broadloom that has not been installed in accordance with those guidelines.
  • Installation must take place after construction is complete. Nouwens Carpets will accept no responsibility nor honour any guarantee or warranty for installations made during construction work that are inadequately protected against damage.
  • For information regarding installation contact your Nouwens Carpets Representative for a detailed installation manual.