• Correct and regular maintenance will increase the lifespan and enhance the appearance of your Turf.

  • Daily, or at the very least, weekly brushing with a firm bristle broom will keep turf clean and upright (do not use steel brushes). Leaves, rough dirt and other dry debris can be removed with a flexible rake or leaf blower, or hosed away (be careful not to remove too much infill material).

  • Never use solvents on a Fieldturf installation. Washing with cold or warm water is sufficient, but for harsh chemical spills, please refer to the manufacturer. To remove solids (e.g. chewing gum and pet faeces) carefully scoop the solids off the turf; spilt liquids can be washed away with water. Burning materials such as cigarettes and coals should be removed as soon as possible.

Our Quality Management System

Nouwens Carpets Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001. Every product carries the ISO 9001 logo as your assurance of quality and our commitment to maintaining the highest world class standard.

Our 8 – Year Limited UV Warranty

This synthetic polyethene yarn, is colourfast, stain-resistant, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic, and is not normally affected by insects, mold, or mildew.

Our 5 – Year Manufacturing Guarantee

Our products are covered by the Nouwens Carpets 5 year guarantee against patent and latent defects in the manufacturing process. All claims will be treated in accordance with the South African Manufacturers Standard Claims Policy. Applicable ranges only. However, these products must be maintained and cleaned in accordance with the written instructions of Nouwens Carpets. Devaluation of 20% per annum will apply if the material being replaced is due to a manufacturing defect. This guarantee does not cover tears, cuts or burns, or damage relating to the improper use or application of improper cleaning agents.

What Type Of Fibre Is Used In The Manufacturing Of Fieldturf?

This synthetic polyethylene yarn, is colour fast, stain-resistant, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic, and is not normally affected by insects, mold, or mildew.

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