Your artificial turf is an investment in comfort and style. To keep it looking good and lasting longer, proper care and attention is required in the installation and maintenance thereof. To get the most out of your turf, and to keep the Nouwens Carpets Guarantee and Warranty in place. It is important to adhere to the following maintenance procedures, as well as the care instructions on the Fieldturf maintenance guide page.

  • Colours may vary within a commercial tolerance from batch to batch. Do not install different dye batches together in the same installation.

  • In the instance of a cut-pile product, the pile lying in different directions has varied effects on light reflection. New owners of this type of product should be aware that this is a desirable characteristic, sometimes called shading, and is by no means a defect.

  • Product specifications are based on averages from normal manufacturing tolerances. Such variations do not affect product performance.

  • This product is guaranteed by Nouwens Carpets for a period of 5 years against any patent and latent defects in the manufacturing process.

  • Pile pressure marks from the likes of furniture and soiling are not manufacturing defects.

  • For non-permeable surfaces, Fieldturf must be adhered to the substrate using a grid pattern of adhesive with a 2-3mm trowel. See technical training document.

  • Fieldturf products are manufactured using synthetic materials and are therefore susceptible to abrasion marking and concentrated focal points of heat. Note: Fieldturf products are susceptible to contraction and expansion when exposed to variable weather conditions. Fieldturf has been designed for outdoor purposes.

Our commitment to the environment

  • Nouwens Carpets is a certified Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) Member.

  • Fieldturf Products are lead-free.

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