For over five decades, Nouwens Carpets has been crafting quality and offering a value engineered product as a perfect backdrop for their customers’ décor. Staying abreast with consumer demands we now offer an artificial turf range.


Our artificial turf landscape range has been developed specifically to harmonise with the natural environment. With all the aesthetic attributes of an attractive natural lawn, Nouwens synthetic turf lawns look superb through every season, year after year, yet are low in maintenance. A fresh green lawn invites you to relax and enjoy the moment, and is a pleasant haven where children and pets can safely play.


Since 1962, we have been a leader in the carpet industry and are widely recognised for our highly specialised technical expertise, world-class operations and proudly South African heritage. Specialising in international-style carpet manufacture, Nouwens carpets is focused on bringing innovative, functional and breathtakingly beautiful carpets to the home and other spaces.


Over 50 years after opening its doors as a family business, we employ close on 200 people and are headed up by CEO and owner Luci Nouwens, daughter of the Founder Cornelis Nouwens. At the start of 2017, Nouwens was approached by an international brand, Tarkett, the second largest manufacturer of both sports and landscape turf worldwide, which resulted in a partnership. Nouwens now manufactures and sells landscape turf locally under license from FieldTurf.


As with actual turf, the appearance of a synthetic turf is the most important quality to a residential homeowner. To achieve this more natural look in synthetic turf, Nouwens has developed several turf variations with more natural cross-sections and colour combinations.


In climate terms, South Africa is already living on the edge. Much of the landscape is arid or semi-arid and the whole country is subject to droughts and floods. Even small variations in rainfall or temperature would exacerbate this already stressed environment.


Climate is set to change for the worse because of rising global emissions of greenhouse gases. Indeed, there are already ominous signs of change – dry seasons are becoming longer and wet seasons are starting later. Rainfall is reported to be becoming even more variable, with rain coming in more concentrated, violent bursts.


With this in mind, and with many South Africans concerned about the future water reserves of the country, it makes sense to use a product in your garden that does not use our precious natural resource – water.

What are the benefits of Fieldturf?

  • No mowing, no weeding, no seeding


  • A natural-looking lawn


  • No watering


  • No allergy-causing grass pollen


  • No fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides  or chemical additives required


  • Lush green grass all year round, in all conditions


  • Looks and feels like real grass


  • No harmful materials


  • Constructed with drainage so it stays dry underfoot


  • Child and pet-friendly


  • UV stabilised to minimise fading

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